What the audience said…

“It was all completely amazing and everything you could hope for – it really was a production of incredible quality. Pimlico Opera surpassed themselves and the prisoners played their parts from their hearts – it was moving, uplifting and a privilege to witness.” – Lady Mary Walker

“I cannot tell you how impressed I was by the whole thing from start to finish: the prison staff, the inmates, the professional players… it was humbling and darling and hope-providing. It proves that if you treat people decently they respond like girasole, sunflowers turning in the sun.” – Joanna Lumley

“Words can’t express the success we all felt after seeing Les Misérables last Friday evening – it was a truly stunning evening and one of my friends said it was so much more enjoyable than the West End Show she had seen the previous evening! What more is there to say but that we all wish Pimlico could be replicated many times over to give many more of these people a fighting chance to succeed at something and be admired.” – Lalu Peck

“It was simply superb . Powerful , dynamic and most moving , an amazing achievement bringing great good and healing to these unfortunate people . I was in tears at one point. We took friends , who have seen the show some 12 times , they thought this was the best.” – Antoni Daszewski

“The experience of going into a prison was instructive and sobering but the Pimlico Opera and HMP High Down staff were very reassuring. The show was brilliant and stunningly powerful. It was one of the most emotional theatrical experiences ever for us and something we won’t forget.” – Iain Rhind

Unless you've been there it's difficult to comprehend the enormity of the achievement of Pimlico Opera's work in prisons

“Pimlico Opera has provided the drop in the ocean of life for these men, and I dearly hope that they can hold onto all the good that they have experienced as they continue their sentences. The professionals were a complete rock of support for the rest of the cast. What a brilliant example they showed to the members of the cast from High Down.” – Jane Elmer

“We had a great time at the prison yesterday. I think it might have been the best performance so far!! Congratulations to all involved!” – John Alexander

“There was hardly a dry eye in the house, the production was superb, all of the professional singers were absolutely wonderful and it was very moving to see the joy and satisfaction that the prisoners derived from being a part of it. Thank you so much for a superb and very rewarding evening.” – Anonymous

“We found the whole evening, from being shouted at by the prisoners in their cells on the way in, to the final hooray from those prisoners performing, profoundly moving”- Sandra de Laszo

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for yesterday.” – Tamara Mitchell (Flew in from NY)

“We were blown away last night by the performance. They were brilliant. Nervous for the first few minutes and then you could see them get into it. Very moving and so inspirational.” – Katharine Meller

“We found it a really exceptional event and very moving. Nikki Woollaston was right, I think, in her introduction to say that all involved including the audience would be changed by the experience.” – B B & J T

“Unless you’ve been there it’s difficult to comprehend the enormity of the achievement of Pimlico Opera’s work in prisons.” – Sir Gerry Acher

“My first visit to prison, was amazing. Staging was brilliant, lighting was superb and movement throughout was very well done. Thénadier was completely in character and Marius very brave to get through that tough role. Incredible that they all managed to learn so many words and so much coordinated action in such a short space of time – and moving to see the interaction with the two prison officers in the cast. Hats off to the professional singers too – and all the backstage crew. I made copious use of my hanky.” – Sue Butcher

“It is hard to imagine how the trained voices could possibly meld with those completely untrained ones, but they did – and in the most spine-chillingly spectacular way. A unanimous standing ovation was the least we could do – the applause went on longer than I have ever seen at Covent Garden. If only the inmates could have seen the tears on our faces and felt the sense of wonder and amazement we all felt, and how proud the cast, staff, organisers and Pimlico should be, having pulled this logistical nightmare off, with such polish and excellence. Cannot remember when I last felt so moved.” – Sally Clarke