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Support Pimlico Opera

Pimlico Opera receives no government or lottery funding.

There are three areas of Pimlico Opera's work that need your support.

  • The work in prison
  • Primary Robins
  • Core costs

Support the prison project

Pimlico Opera's work in prison is entirely privately funded. A project costs around £180,000 and ticket sales cover less than half. The rest comes from private individuals and Trusts.

Personal donors are classified as:

  • The House of Lords
  • Home Secretaries
  • Judges
  • Governors
  • Jailbirds

Spport us by calling us on 01962 73 73 73, or you can download a support form.

Support Primary Robins

Feed a robin: £100
Build a nest: £300-£400
(Robins generally lay 3-4 eggs)

Call 01962 73 73 73

We are grateful to the following:

Capital International Limited
Charles Hayward Foundation
Eleanor Barton Trust
Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust
The Ingram Trust
Matthews Wrightson Charity Trust
Brewster Maude Charitable Trust
The Saintbury Trust
The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation
The Dyers' Company
Edenbeg Charitable Trust
The Golden Bottle Trust
The John Coates Charitable Trust
The Leigh Trust
The Mackintosh Foundation
N Smith Charitable Settlement
The Oak Trust
The Swan Mountain Trust
Underwood Trust
The William A Cadbury Charitable Trust