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Mar 31

2013 Noticeboard

Posted by Pimlico Opera on 31 March 2013


Read what the men of Erlestoke, Pimlico participants, and the public thought of the 2012 production of Les Misérables at HMP Erlestoke

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Mar 11

West Side Story - Inside Time newspaper

Posted by Pimlico Opera on 11 March 2013

At the end of January, several volunteers from the wings of HMP Erlestoke started rehearsing West Side Story with Pimlico Opera. Barely six weeks later, supporting, and supported by, a team of young professional singers, they gave us a performance to remember. Liz Clark reports...

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Mar 01

Prison Performance History

Posted by Pimlico Opera on 1 March 2013

Since 1991 Pimlico Opera has worked in 13 prisons, taken more than 50,000 public into prison. 1,000+ prisoners have participated, 9,000 prisoners have seen a show.  

Read the performance history...

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