Pimlico Opera aims to use music and drama to advance personal development, particularly with younger people. Artistic excellence is an essential part of achieving this aim. Back in 1987, the company was started by Wasfi Kani OBE and was probably the first to specialise in performing in unusual places – hospitals, wonderful country houses, banks, prisons. In 1991 the company was awarded Arts Council funding. Today it receives no public subsidy. Pimlico Opera is the sister company of Grange Park Opera which was founded in 1998.

Pimlico Opera in Prisons


Pimlico Opera has an excellent model for this project. The cast of mainly inmates, taken from their normal regime, work full-time for five weeks with professionals to produce a show of the highest quality with a full orchestra.

There are several public performances and further performances for fellow prisoners and prison staff.

There is powerful evidence for the benefit that this work has to society, the public purse and the wider economy. Improvements in prisoner rehabilitation and the lowering of re-offending can only be a good thing.

Our next project:

HMP Bronzefield

Fri 6 March – Sat 14 March 2020


Members of the public taken into prison


Years working in prisons

Pimlico Opera in Primary Schools

Since September 2013 Primary Robins has brought music and singing into the lives of schoolchildren who have little exposure to it. Forty years ago, every primary school would have had children sitting around a piano learning songs. This essential part of growing up has been a casualty of today’s curriculum.

Primary Robins has reintroduced this lifelong skill back into the classroom with weekly half hour classes for children in Hampshire, Durham, Nottingham and Surrey.


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